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Poor air system design can increase energy costs up to 5 times?

Choosing the right compressor can significantly affect your bottom line! Gardner Denver Variable Speed Drive compressors can efficiently handle the varying air demand found in most plant air systems. The variable speed drive allows the compressor to speed up or slow down to match air supply to air demand resulting in potential energy savings of 15-50%.

Dry air saves money?

Wet compressed air is damaging to tools, instruments, controls and machinery resulting in erratic operation, reduced productivity or unwanted downtime. Choosing the right dryer to provide clean, dry air to your plant can result in improved product quality, more efficient operation of plant equipment as well as extended equipment life.

A well designed air piping system can help save energy?

Transair quick connect piping is both energy efficient and 100% recyclable. Smoothe bore design provides a less restrictive path for air flow, resulting in a lower pressure drop and increased efficiency. Transair modular design makes it easy to assemble, change or expand. The perfect solution for repositioning equipment or adding to existing air lines! With Transair, labor accounts for only 20% of the cost of installation, versus 50-80% for steel pipe or copper. Transair provides a wide range of quick connect piping solutions for industrial water, inert gases, compressed air and vacuum.